Have you ever wanted a nice website for yourself or your business?  Have you ever looked into the difficulties of developing your own technical ability, and decided not to proceed?  I did much the same for a while, but eventually I took the plunge and started learning how to build beautiful, functional websites.  Now that I have the experience needed, I thought it would be a good idea to offer web development services to the world, so if you like what you see in the carousel below, get in touch and let me know what you want me to put together for you.

My Services & Costs

My costs for building a website are as follows:

Starter Website

A basic website

£ 500
  • Simple site with homepage and up to 2 static content pages
  • Assistance with purchasing domain name
  • Set up of an email forwarder

Intermediate Website

A website with more functions

£ 1,500
  • Homepage and up to 7 static content pages
  • Login area
  • Blog comments or forum

Advanced Website

Sell products and services

£ 2,500
  • Homepage & up to 15 static content pages
  • Blog and/or forum
  • Shop front and payment gateway

And for ongoing hosting (which is only available after I have built your website, as I need full control over everything on my server):

Ongoing Hosting

Keep your website on Aegis Web Design's server

£ 10 per month
  • Fair use policy - won't be suitable for high intensity backups
  • Automatic renewal of SSL certificates
  • Updates to core software and plugins